Recommended Books for Radiology Residents: Head & Neck

Diagnostic Imaging: Head and Neck (Diagnostic Imaging)
By Ric Harnsberger
Publisher: AMIRSYS
Hardcover - 992 pages

Product Description
Authored by one of the world's preeminent authorities in its field, this new book represents today's best single source of guidance on head and neck diagnostic imaging! It presents more details for each diagnosis · more representative images · more case data · and more current references than any other reference tool. At the same time, its user-friendly format lets readers access all of this information remarkably quickly!Covers the top diagnoses in head and neck imaging, including both common and uncommon entities.Begins each section with a unique chapter on critical anatomical and imaging issues; a clear and concise, contemporary and practical approach covers relevant terminology, spatial anatomy and imaging issues, embryology, and differential diagnoses, both general and specific.Provides exquisitely reproduced imaging examples for every diagnosisplus concise, bulleted summaries of terminology · imaging findings · key facts · differential diagnosis · pathology · clinical issues · a diagnostic checklist · and selected references. Includes an extensive image gallery for each entity, depicting common and variant cases.Offers vivid, full-color anatomy and pathology drawings.Displays a "thumbnail" visual differential diagnosis for each entity.
Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging Anatomy: Brain, Head and Neck, Spine: Published by Amirsys®
By H. Ric Harnsberger
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Hardcover - 1000 pages

Product Description
This richly illustrated and superbly organized text/atlas is the first volume of the new Diagnostic and Surgical Imaging Anatomy series produced by the innovative medical information systems provider Amirsys(R). Written by the preeminent authorities in each radiologic subspecialty, these volumes will give radiologists a thorough understanding of the detailed anatomy that underlies contemporary imaging. Each volume features over 2,500 high-resolution 3T MRI and multidetector row CT images in many planes, combined with over 300 correlative full-color anatomic drawings that show human anatomy in the projections radiologists use. Succinct, bulleted text accompanying the images identifies the clinical and pathologic entities in each anatomic area.
Head & Neck Imaging: Case Review Series
By David M. Yousem
Publisher: Mosby
Paperback - 336 pages

Product Description
One of the best selling volumes in the Case Review Series is now revised, with all new cases--excellent for honing skills and building confidence! This Second Edition of Head & Neck Imaging affords you a clinical tool that helps speed your differential diagnoses and ensures your proficiency. Organized like the Oral Boards, it serves as a study guide for exams, CAQ and re-certificationand as a personal review of the subspecialty. Here, Johns Hopkins' Drs. Yousem and Motta describe the latest techniques through 200 actual cases and 340 high-quality images. Tightly arranged, the text assures you fast access to information. Self-testing devices throughout validate your comprehension.Incorporates the most advanced imaging techniquesFormatted like the Oral Board Exam for easy study and reviewCross-referenced to Neuroradiology: The Requisites, Second EditionOffers 200 all-new cases with new discussions and current literature references Presents over 340 imagesincluding MR techniques (spectroscopy, diffusion, magnetization transfer, 3D FIESTA, tensor imaging) and CT techniques (CTA, bolus tracking, 3D reformats, perfusion imaging, Cine loops) and moreExplores new topics including CT and MR angiography of the neck · multi-detector CT with 3D reconstructions · post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders · new HIV infections · diagnostic and therapeutic image-guided procedures · medical economics · and much more Reflects a greater emphasis differential diagnosis and patient treatment