Recommended Books for Radiology Residents: Physics

General Text
The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging (2nd Edition)
By Jerrold T. Bushberg
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Hardcover - 933 pages

Product Description
Developed from the authors' highly successful annual imaging physics review course, this new Second Edition gives readers a clear, fundamental understanding of the theory and applications of physics in radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiobiology. The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, Second Edition provides key coverage of the clinical implications of technical principles--making this book great for board review. Highlights of this new edition include completely updated and expanded chapters and more than 960 illustrations. Major sections cover basic concepts, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation protection, dosimetry, and biology. A Brandon-Hill recommended title.
Review of Radiological Physics
By Walter Huda
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Paperback - 352 pages

Product Description
The "purple book" that helps residents and techs to prepare for the radiologic physics portion of board and registry exams is now in its Second Edition! Chapters outline key information and test the reader's understanding with board-type review questions, along with answers and rationale provided. Includes 500 multiple-choice questions. Topics covered include MRI, CT, US, mammography, radiography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine and more. New features include an 18% larger text, more test questions at the end of each chapter, new and revised illustrations, and an expanded glossary. New chapters include those on image quality and dose, digital imaging and PACS, computers and mathematics, and a separate chapter on CT.
Radiology Review: Radiologic Physics
By Edward L. Nickoloff
Publisher: Saunders
Paperback - 272 pages

Product Description
Prepare for success on the boards with this state-of-the-art review of radiologic physics! Each chapter offers a concise outline of the information you need to know today. Original diagrams make complex concepts easy to understand and more than 550 multiple-choice questions, with answers and explanations, allow you to test your understanding of the full range of topics. Plus, a bonus CD-ROM bound in the back of every book contains over 1,800 slides of supplementary review material.Examines the complete range of topics readers need to understand today, based on a careful review of Radiology Board recalls from the past ten years.Features multiple-choice review questions in every chapter, with answers and explanations -- more than 550 questions in all.Illustrated with more than 100 diagrams and illustrations.With 21 contributing experts.